The Story of My Blogging Journey…

Warning: Long post ahead!

How it started…

I used to have another blog… on another platform.

Unfortunately, the community there wasn’t as connected compared to Wordpress. Although the platform was easy to use, it was tough developing your blogging style by yourself… If I had any questions, there wasn’t a community pool where I could reach out to other bloggers.

It started when my younger sister introduced me to blogging… she taught me how to set up my blog, where to download blogskins, how to use html codes.

Intrigued and fascinated by the process, I found myself liking his new hobby.


How it went… 

I started blogging since my schooling days… The blog was updated weekly for several years. Despite the weekly updates, readership was rather low.

About 3 years ago, I wanted to increase my readership…. It led to a search on Wikihow for some ideas…

I learnt by increasing my blogging frequency and sharing with my family/friends about my blog; I could create higher traffic or more readership.

Filled with hopes for success, I began to introduce my blog to my friends over Facebook…. Shortly, my family and friends (including frenemies. 🙂 ) were reading my blog… The readership increased.

Being able to share my life with others made me excited… unfortunately, the solution led to other impending problems.

I found myself unable to write as freely as I used to… It made me feel trapped.

Putting myself out there felt terrifying… I was worried of what others would think of the real me… When I start to write a new post, I would filter, edit, re-edit… The end product was nowhere near what was birthed within my heart.

It  didn’t feel real anymore.

Despite the struggle, I still continued blogging… it was my chance to further develop my writing skills.

One day while surfing on Facebook, I saw some postings from a friend and noticed her writing style was identical to mine. I didn’t gave much thought, until some friends commented our identical styles… then I realized what had happened.

It felt as through something was ripped away from me.

My other friends didn’t understand why it made me so upset.. they felt I was over reacting over a trivial matter. To my friends, it was just a blog.. but to me, it was something personal and priceless.

I wish there was other bloggers or a community pool I could turn to.. It might have helped me to cope better.

Perhaps things could have been handled differently… maybe in a much better way… Even though it wasn’t a pleasant event, I’m glad it happened.. It helped me see things in a different perceptive now. 🙂

(I later learnt the friend would take pictures from other friend’s posts and repost as her own).


 How it ended… and started again!

The blogging still continued… but the inability to express freely made the blogging process unenjoyable.

After some consideration, I decided to close my blog… and start afresh on WordPress.

It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you, Blueberry for recommending WordPress!

I love how connected and friendly the community is here… I love the Daily and Weekly challenges (sometimes, I need ideas to write and DP challenges help to push me in a right directions)… I love it when Daily Post shares stuff on improving our blogs… I love everything!

 I don’t feel like a lone ranger blogger anymore.


Where do we go from here?

I’m enjoying my journey for now… sometimes, I wonder how I would react if someone finds me.

To be honest, I hope they wouldn’t… unfortunately, there is a possibility they will eventually.

 Keeping my identity anonymous will silence my fears… it would mean I wouldn’t be posting personal identifying information and pictures.

Not posting personal identifying information, sounds perfectly fine… but… but…

I’m hesitant doing without personal identifying photos..

With digital photography, people seldom develop the photos into prints… Without a photo album or place to display them, these pictures will pieces of memories forsaken in a folder stored somewhere the computer.. I hope to be able to document the adventures in my life somewhere.. (and I hope to do so without overcrowding my FB albums).

what should I do? 😦

..I’m not sure.. but for now, I’ll continue to document my life’s adventures the way it is..

Wish me well.

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