After the rain...

After the rain…
The grass had a drink… The air felt light and crisp…

It was a hot Saturday afternoon…. then suddenly came a sudden downpour…


It hasn’t rained cats and dogs since eons!

I ran and stood at the window, blinking in disbelieve. The sound of rain felt like music to my ears… oh rain, how much I missed you.

I saw a caterer below my block, moving empty trays… The sudden rain must have caught him by surprise. He didn’t run for shelter… I guess he must be enjoying the rain too.

I wanted to run downstairs and stand in the pouring rain… but I didn’t. Admiring the rain felt so peaceful, so I stayed at home.

The downpour lasted for 5 minutes.

Even though it was brief, it was a much celebrated event.. I saw the Prime Minister posted a picture of the rain on his Facebook too. 🙂

I’m grateful for this answered prayer. Thank you for sending us rain!


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