Kindergarten Birthday Party

My friend invited me to join her daughter’s birthday party at school… Her daughter is in Kindergarten.

Happy Birthday, Dearie!

Happy Birthday, Dearie!

There were 2 birthday cakes- one fruit flan, the other was chocolate… there were also presents for everyone… and plenty of group photo taking!

It was full of fun!

The birthday girl was happy to celebrate with her classmates.. seeing her mother at school celebrating with her made her day too… awww! 🙂


Being at the party brought back memories…. it made me think of my (boo-boo) kindergarten birthday party when I was 5 years old…

When I was in K1 (kindergarten 1), I asked my parents for a birthday cake…. so I could celebrate my birthday with my classmates.

My mother bought me a pretty cream cake, which had wordings done with piping jelly.

It was cherry red piping jelly…. wow, it looked  so mesmerizing to me! I couldn’t resist the temptation of peeking into the box to see my cake…

After peeking into the box several times, I had an ideal…. A very terrible one.

I  wanted to taste the piping jelly… and I planed to do that by gently tracing the wordings with my finger.

“As long as my friends can see the words on the cake, I guess it shouldn’t hurt to eat some piping jelly…” I said happily to myself.

This is how my cake looked like, before the disaster happened…

A example of how my birthday cake looked like.

Before- nice and pretty

and the aftermath…


After… 😦


My mother got a shock when she saw the cake…. It was only then I realized my cake became a disaster.

I remembered asking my mother if we could send it back to the bakery to fix it…. there was no way we could get a new cake too, because the shops were closed.

To fast forward the story, my parents brought the cake to my class…. 

When my friends saw the box of cake, they were thrilled with excitement… unfortunately, their excitement dissipate the moment my cake was revealed.

It was such an embarrassment.

The post is a response to the Daily Prompt: Careless Whisper

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