Time for a little daydream..

Eight things I would do….

…if I was given permission to go little crazy…

  1. Get a tattoo! …. I’ve been thinking of getting one on my wrist or behind my ear.
  2. Head to the airport and get on the next flight…. doesn’t matter anywhere!
  3. Show up at Blueberry’s workplace, as his “new assistant”… and runaway just before getting busted.
  4. Ditch my tresses for a punk cut.. *Glup*
  5. Toss roaches into the creepy neighbor’s house.
  6. Be a costume character at Universal Studios Singapore!
  7. Ask for a Whopper Burger in MacDonald’s.
  8. Invent a dish in 30 mins… I promise, I wouldn’t burn it.

This post is a prompt from the Daily Prompt: Let’s Go Crazy

15 thoughts on “Time for a little daydream..

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