The grass here… Isn’t much greener…

The recent weather has been unforgivably hot.

Channel News Asia reported the past month was the driest month for Singapore since 1869Yikes!

The heat is terribly scorching… I think my skin has darken one or two shades too.


The grass here is greener… ops… it’s not necessarily true!
Sweltering weather have turned the grass to a new shade of brown.


Intense heat on a mid-day… not helping the poor grass..


Abandoned grass.
Hey, where are those people who used to tend to them??

When I was growing up, I remember those trucks with non-potable water… they would go round the neighborhood watering the plants.

Where are they when we needed them?

I wonder if the ministers or town councils are doing anything about this… hmm.

With more pressing matters at hand… I guess not. 😦


No chance of rain… sigh.

Rain, rain come quickly!

Please don’t abandon the abandoned grass… and many of us living in the blistering heat!

This post is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned


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