I got a job!


Weeks ago, I saw an advert for a part-time position in a company..

It’s a place I wanted to work for.. but never had the chance to break in..

I was opened to full-time and part-time positions…. Full-time would mean more money for the family… and part-time would mean more time for the family (household chores and finishing my part-time studies)…

I took the plunge and applied for the job anyway.. what was there to lose, anyway?


Weeks after I applied, I was called for an interview..

During the interview, my CV was reviewed by 4 interviewers… After much discussion, they asked if I wanted to join them as a full-time staff.


I couldn’t believe what I heard.. I thought such things only happen in movies.

In a thrilled and nervous voice, I told them I’ll be keen to do that.

After the interview, I called Blueberry and the girlfriend and told them about the nerve wrecking experience. I was worried about the possibility of not getting the job, not being able to perform if I’m hired, not being able to fit in… etc.

That fateful night, I couldn’t sleep despite taking sleeping meds.

I’ve never felt this nervous for an interview before.


 Few days later, the lady from Human Resource called me..

 I was elated when I heard I got the full-time position! 😀

I can’t believe it… and up to this moment, I’m still can’t believe it…

(I have to pinch myself several times.. haha)

This is such a wonderful miracle!

Thank God for this miracle… I have a job in a company I loved to work for. Yay!

 Thank you to those who gave me words of support and encouragement… and for those who kept me in your prayers… I couldn’t have done it without you.



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