Daily Prompt: Walking on the Moon


This prompt is one of those that made me feel rather uncomfortable… It made me think of my last job.


I used to think if anyone put their heart into something, they could achieve anything.

I think I was wrong.

Months ago, I took up a new opportunity with hopes to succeed.. It was something different, compared to what I did.

It was in a multi-national company with a good reputation in my industry… it was one of the brand names people would die to work for.

Weeks into the job, I realized it wasn’t what I expected it to be.

“… as long anyone put their heart into something, they can achieve anything…” I told myself.

… lunches were skipped and the extra hours were put in(from 8am to 10pm)…. despite all the effort put in, things did not progress…

(I wasn’t thrilled when I learnt I lost 4 inches in 2 months).

After putting up a fight, I knew I couldn’t breakthrough.. so after much thought, I decided to quit my job.

… quitting a challenge isn’t my nature… and having to accept defeat left me much devastated… my life went downhill since then.

I’m not sure what I should do to recover from that horrible experience… I really want to get better and move on… it has been such a struggle to do so…. it’s tough to stay positive after what has happened..

Sometimes, I just want to hide in a hole and hibernate until the whole world passes on… but I know it’s not going to be possible.

I just want to find a good job and move on with life.

 Would I still take risks? 

Maybe. I hope I’ll be ready when I see one.

This prompt is a response to Daily Prompt: Walking on the Moon

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Walking on the Moon

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