Job Hunt

Never did I think that I would be going through this…

Been busy with interviews since last week… it hasn’t been good so far…

After going for 2 interviews, I realized my social skills have deteriorated (from staying at home during these few months)… the amount of research I’ve done on the companies were insufficient… to make things worse, I’ve forgotten what were the common interview questions too..

It crushed me.

To prevent the nightmare from happening again, I read up on the common interview questions… and did my homework before the next interview.

The interview went well… unfortunately, my potential workplace wasn’t agreeable to match my previous offer. 😦

Job hunt has never felt so depressing before.

2 thoughts on “Job Hunt

  1. Khana

    It felt a bit weird liking this, there should be a sympathize button. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things so it’s probably just a question of time until something good comes up 🙂

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Thank you, Khana.. maybe WordPress should! 😉
      I had difficult interviews both on my birthday and valentines day.. (what a week!).
      I’m trying to stay positive while waiting for a breakthrough.. Hope it will be all worth it. 🙂


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