Cafe Hopping- Part 1

Recently, there are many cafes sprouting up around the island… and there have been much talk about the cafe scene in Singapore.

Blueberry and I wanted to take up a common hobby together…. exploring these new cafes seems to be a delicious idea.

Last Monday, we decided to go to Common Man Coffee Roasters.

It was around 2pm when we arrived… and the place was full! Wow!

Blueberry and I had to be seated at the bar….. I find it interesting, because we normally have beers at the bar instead of coffee. Hehe.

Seated at the Bar... Checkout the different tools to make coffee!

Seated at the Bar…
Look at the different tools used to make coffee!

taking a picture of us… while waiting for our food to arrive

Barista using french press to make coffee

Barista using french press to make coffee

Hot latte for him.. Ice latte for me..

Hot latte for him.. Ice latte for me..

Pretty latte art! such an amazing art piece.

Pretty latte art!
….such an amazing art piece…. can’t bear to ruin it by drinking the coffee….


pancakes… drizzled with bananas, berries compote and walnut crumble…

... believe me, it was delicious... worth every busted calorie... haaa.

… believe me, it was delicious… worth every busted calorie… haaa.

Blueberry's big breakfast

Blueberry’s big breakfast


For Blueberry- no breakfast can go wrong with sausage, bacon , baked beans and sunny side ups…

Blueberry munching away, as I snapped a picture of the interior design of the cafe

Blueberry munching away…. as I took a picture of the cafe.

There was even a room to house the coffee roasting machine.. that’s impressive!



Posing at the entrance as we were leaving..

Must say the coffee is one of the best we’ve tasted in Singapore.

Smooth, delicious, rich coffee… it’s like the coffees we had in Australia…. something I missed terribly…  and now, I know where to get my fix from.  Yay!

Thank you CMCR for the wonderful meal… and the divine cup of coffee.

I hope to be back soon. 🙂

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