The Daily Prompt: The sincerest Form of Flattery

The Daily Prompt’s post made me rather nervous.. because I’m shy.

*deep breaths*

Alright… It’s confession time!


One of the blogs I love reading is Six Pegs.

My sister introduced me to Six Pegs few years ago… and I was hooked onto reading her blog ever since.

I love how openly she writes about her struggles in school and work-life/career, food adventures, relationships and travel.

It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with school.. reading her posts gives me the encouragement to continue with my life.

… not everyone can be uninhibited, yet soulful… oh, how I wish I could write like her.

Peggy's new store- The Tiramisu Hero

Peggy’s new store- The Tiramisu Hero

Like most of the people I know, she has big dreams too…

I saw on her blog she now has a shop of her own, The Tiramisu Hero! Wow!

Her honesty, bravery and love for life continues to inspire me everyday.


I used to blog on my old blog…. and would set my font alignment to the left..

It looked more neutral… maybe a little boring for some.

After closing my old blog… I wanted to start afresh.

To do the things I love.. eat, love and daydream.

One of the first things I ditched was the font alignment..

.. and that’s how we ended from there to here.

Yup.. she’s the reason why I changed my font alignment from left to middle. 🙂

This post is a response to The Daily Prompt: The sincerest Form of Flattery


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