Meeting New Friends

He sat anxiously in the paper bag, as the Cabbie drove to the destination.

Bring Rilakkuma home

Where are we going?

“What will my new home be like?” he pondered silently.

He briefly glanced at his new parents… they seemed nice people.

He swallowed.. “It shouldn’t be that bad, I hope.”

Minutes felt like hours… It felt like Rilakkuma’s longest ride he ever had.

After a bumpy 30 minute drive, they finally reached home…

Gently, his Mummy whisked him away to his room….

Hi there! What's your name?

Hi there! What’s your name?

To his surprise, a group of people were waiting to welcome him!

His nervousness was quickly replaced with a rush of relieve and excitement..

He never felt so at ease before.

His new siblings invited him for tea…  and they had an enjoyable time over tea.

Finally.. a part of a loving home

Finally.. a part of a loving home

They chatted, laughed… and became friends. 🙂

This post is inspired by the Daily Prompt: Groupthink


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