Daily Prompt: Happy Endings

I used to work near an estate where there were many places with good eats and cafes.

One of the things I miss about knocking off was-

After dinner coffee at a local cafe.

It was a fantastic way to end a grueling day.

After work, I would meet Blueberry at the lobby of my workplace…

We would take a slow stroll over to the estate for dinner.

Dinner is usually zhi-char (Stir fry Chinese Food) next to Foodie Market Place.

.. Sambal sotong and Kang Kong were our frequent orders.. yummy!

After our meal, we would walk to Drips Cafe or Orange Thimble for coffee…

Blueberry is often amazed I have stomach space for desserts and coffee.

“Women have a secret compartment for desserts,” I smiled.

I think it’s true. 🙂

Tea and dessert at Orange Thimble

Tea and dessert at Orange Thimble


Flora tea…
I find it helpful in restoring my sanity. 🙂


Tiramisu to share..

Desserts are women’s kryptonite indeed.

What a happy way to end the day. 🙂

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