Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse
These pretty paper cuttings would resurface during festive periods. It gives a festive touch to Chinese New Year.

Hi Everyone!

Today is the 2nd day of Chinese New Year!

Blueberry, Kitty, Doggie and I would like to wish everyone a prosperous new year. May good health, happiness, abundance fill your homes this year!

Blueberry and I have been busy with preparations, feasting and visitations for Chinese New Year..
Our schedule look like this…

Cook… eat…. watch tv… chat with cousins.. pig out on chinese new year goodies… eat again..

*repeat until food coma stage*

There was so much to eat! It has been a good celebration so far. 🙂


Although Blueberry and I did our civil wedding 4 years ago, we only did our Chinese customary wedding last Nov… after a couple has done their customary wedding, they are expected to give out red packets.

This year is our first year giving out red packets/ang pows. It’s a common practice (but not mandatory) to use new notes for red packets.

I headed to the bank to get the new notes for the red packets… There was a long queue at the bank.. many folks were doing their preparations too.

Waiting for my turn...

Waiting for my turn…

When I was a kid, my Father would complain about the long queues at the banks… This is how it must have felt for him.  🙂

While queuing, a bank staff came to ask the queuing customers the denominations they would like to change.. individually, she jotted the requests on a form and passed it to the customer.

The form would state how many $2, $1o.. etc. notes you are changing.

Then the counter staff would process your requests according to the written instructions.

Upon returning you the new notes, they would pass you some festive freebies empty red packets and empty mandarin orange carriers.

Red packets from banks usually have impressive designs.. I must say I’m quite disappointed with what I got..

Red and neon pink packets

Red and neon pink packets

Red packet was acceptable.. it has a simple, yet classy design.

But the neon pink packet.. *facepalm* … aii…. It’s not the nicest pink packet I’ve seen so far…

Perhaps it was their take on the neon trend.

I guess the little girls would like it… they like anything in pink, right? Hee 😀

When I got home, I got down to business…

Curious Kitty checking out the red packets...

Curious Kitty checking out the red packets…

It’s Kitty’s first year celebrating CNY with us… he was curious when he saw all the red packets lying on the floor.

I recruited him to help.. Heehee.

My Ang Pow helper :)

My trusty Ang Pow helper 🙂

…. the previous few years, I would go to the Chinese New Year bazaar in Chinatown.. but there was a pasar malam/ bazaar going on near my parent’s place, so Blueberry and I went there instead.

There were many stores there…. this store was selling festive plants…


Dwarf tangerine trees and orchids for sale

People would put the dwarf tangerine trees in-front of their homes…. the small tangerines look so cute, but taste wise doesn’t match up to its cutesness….  I tried eating one and was unpleasant shocked how sour it tasted… I wondered if it’s suppose to be this sour or there are sweet ones out there. Hmm.



Peach blossoms for sale

This store was selling Chinese New Year titbits…


Mochi for you?

… and this store was selling Chinese New Year decorations…


Chūnlián (春聯) to be pasted on the doors and walls.
Once the stock is finished, the staff would remove the ones pasted on the wall… as seen here, the stocks are going fast!


Hanging decorations for sale

Pasar malam isn’t complete without food stalls…


Rows of stores selling street food…

Blueberry and I fell in love with Ramly burgers from this store…


Not any Ramly burger will do… If you see this guy selling Ramly burger, you have to try!

At first, we bought our burgers from another store… (it had no queue)… Blueberry asked for a beef burger and he got chicken instead… whereas my bun was burnt… we didn’t know until we reach home… sigh…. now we know why no queue. :p

We were hesitant to buy from this store, cos there was easily 5 people in the queue….  everytime we passed this store, there would be a line of people queuing.

Tickled with curiosity, Blueberry and I decided to try… and it was worth the wait! 😀

This guy makes the best BEST Ramly burger in town!

We could feel the love when we ate our burgers…. the bun was fluffy… the patties were well seasoned… there was melted cheese hidden in the patties… when you bit into the burger, the cheese, mayonnaise, chili and black pepper sauce would ooze onto the bun.

It was heavenly.

I feel sad thinking about it.. cos pasar malam is over on Chinese new year’s day.

Oh man.

Ps: I chanced upon someone else making Ramly Burger… It was entertaining to see him cook these burgers… and I thought of sharing the clip with you… enjoy!


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