Daily Prompt: BFFs

I saw The Daily Prompt: BFFs and I wanted to dedicate a post to someone..

Although this post is a few days late, it’s better than never. 🙂


The people we can learn from the most.. are often people who have a giving heart.

I suck at everything about nails… painting nails.. nail care..

It’s quite common to watch beauty tutorials on YouTube these days… I’m love to watch makeup and hair tutorials, but I don’t have the patience to watch nails tutorials… I remembered I almost died watching someone do marble nail effect.

I rather be seeing someone’s pretty face than a closeup of their nails. Haahaa.

Maybe that’s why my nails have been in a bad shape for years. Ops!

My friend, Beauty Guru was horrified by the state of my nails and offered to give me a manicure for  Chinese New Year. Yay!

Nice nails for the festive period :)

Nude with a hint of glitter for the festive period! I love this color.
Thank you, Beauty Guru. :’)

Beauty guru taught me how to love and care for my nails. It helps when someone demonstrates and explains the how-to for nail care…

I was also introduced to new beauty items… that actually worked! Wow!

It was a big deal for me, because there were times when I bought products off the shelves that didn’t worked.. I thought perhaps my nails are the way they are, they should do well with or without additional products.

I’m glad I learn something that day. 🙂

After the manicure, she handled me something… It was an early birthday present for me!

An early birthday pressie for me!

A sweet and thoughtful gift from Beauty Guru


Beauty Guru knew the I would rather spent my money on face or body products, if given a choice… So she helped to kick-start my first manicure/pedicure kit… Now that I’ve a kit with products that work, it’s a good motivation to show my nails some love…  bcos you know help is within reach… aww, she knew me too well. 🙂

Thank you, Beauty Guru for your love… my nails have met their benefactor. 😀

Help is here for my badly abused nails! Yay!

Ps: Beauty Guru wanted to throw this cupboard box away.. I figured Kitty would like a new hideout, so I asked if I could have the box. She made someone else’s day too.

New Hideout!

New Hideout!

Oh, do not be mistaken by Kitty’s cross look… this sweet kitty is enjoying his new space.


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