Chinese New Year Eve

It was Chinese New Year’s Eve on 30th Jan…

On that day, families would gather together for Reunion dinner.

My Mother-in-law was cooking and asked us to help.

… I don’t mind helping, but it would mean Kitty would be home alone on a festive evening..

It was such a dreadful feeling, just by thinking about that… even though it might not mean much to Kitty, I wanted him to be with us during reunion.

Reunion is for families… and he is part of our family.

I decided to bring him along with us.

We left him alone to explore, while we helped Mom in the kitchen. Kitty had a nice time exploring the house… there was an extra room which was used to put storage stuff… and Kitty liked hiding in that room.

When dinner was almost ready, I dressed him in a tradition Chinese outfit… it was a gift from his Foster.

Warning: Angry Kitty Mad pissed with his outfit...

Warning: Angry Kitty
Mad pissed with his outfit…

He hated his outfit… and sat at the far end of the room with a glum face…

Despite coaxing him, he ignored me… oh dear, this is not turning out well.

Not coming out from the room...

Not coming out from the room…

I carefully made my way to him and tried carrying him… he refused to be carried.

It’s obvious he dislikes hates this outfit… okie, I give up… I took off the outfit…

Immediately, he became more cheerful…. haha… 🙂

Dinner was ready!

What's for dinner?

What’s for dinner?

There was Buddha jumped over the Wall, Red wine chicken, stir-fried broccoli, steamed fish, mushroom and scallops… what a spread it was!

Everyone's ready to eat!

Everyone’s ready to eat!

My parent-in-laws… my brother-in-law (Bother Scary… the little kids call him Uncle Scary) and girlfriend (I shall call her Flower… bcos her name resembles a flower! 😀) and Blueberry…

While we were posing for a picture, Kitty was eating his kibbles… he’s so adorable. 🙂

After finishing dinner, we chatted and watched some TV…. it was an enjoyable time….

Brother Scary bought a telescopic camera pole and we got to try it.. I think it’s a great help for concerts, parades and group selfies! Haahaa!

Trying out Gary's new gadget

Great for selfies

With this gadget, everyone is included in group selfies… no more complains of so-and-so not in the picture.. etc. 🙂

Photo bomb #1

Photo bomb #1

Who was that? Lol.

Photo bomb #2

Photo bomb #2

Kitty came along… He must be wondering what the commotion was about…

We took a group selfie… and Brother Scary took the liberty to photo bomb. Haahaa!

I hope you’d a wonderful reunion with your loved ones too.


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