When I was 26

Blueberry and Raspberry's wedding day :)

Blueberry and Raspberry’s wedding day 🙂

When I was 26 years old, I got married to Blueberry.

I was very in love back then and didn’t know what married life would be like..

All I know was.. Love, hugs, kisses, having breakfast together after waking up.. more love, not having to say goodbye, butterflies in the stomach…

I was very sure I met the One. 🙂

.. and because we had some much love for each other, I easily assumed we would breeze through life together.

Little did I know married life would contain these elements too.. financial discussions, fighting fair, compromises, sleepless nights from a snoring partner… and the list goes on… goodness me!

These are the things the married couples would warn the singles about… unfortunately, the singles wouldn’t be able to comprehend the complexities unless they have experience it.


The first year was the hardest… It was a period of adapting for the both of us… I never  cried so much and gotten my heart-broken as many times.

The number of times I wanted to give up and walk out of the door were countless.

Thankfully, things started to improve in the second year onwards..

It’s been four years, since we tied the knot… and we are still together.

I still love my Blueberry. 🙂

It’s a miracle we survived our first year together.

How did we managed to survive that madness?


The challenges we face in married life is real.. they are challenging, not exceedingly frightening.

Blueberry believes in having a form of open communication… and as long as both are committed to the relationship, things will improve.

Discussing stuff (especially sensitive topics) can be tough, but it does pay off…. I’m not 100% comfortable in sharing, I’m still working on it.

It take two to tango, two to clap, two to talk… ♥

Dear Blueberry, thank you for being patient with me all these years.. thank you for being the stronger one and for holding on to me during the crazy times. I love you, Baby.

This post is a response from The Daily Prompt: Your Days are Numbered

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