Let’s show some kindness

When our toys are old, we toss them aside… when our pets are old, do we toss them aside too?

My doggie is 15 years old this year.

Taking a nap under the old sofa

Taking a nap under the old sofa

 Like some senior dogs, he has some health issues too… liver dysfunction, joint problems, dry eyes.

Doggie has to be fed medication daily.

I can understand why some owners would abandon their pets, especially when they need to be on long-term medication.

It can be difficult to feed dogs medication (especially when they bite or refuse to cooperate).. and to do it every day is daunting… Besides the hassle of feeding them, pet’s medicine aren’t that affordable too..

Doggie and I had a rough start… He hated his medication, and he would bite and growl every time he was fed… I tried several methods (as seen on YouTube)but it didn’t work… It was very frustrating and I almost gave up!!

After days of trying, he finally took his medicine… (I hid his medication in his treats! Teeheehee…) …since then, he has been taking his meds until now… I’m thankful the efforts paid off. 🙂

Taking care of a senior pet can mean having to make some lifestyle adjustments. Despite the inconvenience, I believe it’s something we should do for our pets… to the best of our ability.

We may not be professionals when it comes to pet care, but at least we try.

They have given us their best years when they were young… now that they are in need, it’s our turn to be there  for them.

Let’s show our senior pets kindness. 🙂

This post is a response from The Daily Prompt: Nice is as Nice Does

6 thoughts on “Let’s show some kindness

  1. sscribner07

    I could never imagine giving up on my dog and cat as they age. My dog (more like my parents’ dog) is 12 and definitely not the dog he used to be. We love him more every day. I adopted my cat when he was 3 and cant imagine life without him waking me up in the morning. Our pets are family. 🙂

  2. Hemangini

    I want to be there for my lovely Alex when she needs me.. I want to care for her. Your post almost made me feel teary reading this. Over emotional hehe… I loved this post. Thanks for the gentle reminder that my little goofball needs me too, though not more then I need her.

      1. Hemangini

        She is my precious.. hehe
        It’s really amazing how they come to our home as tiny babies and grow up to have so much space in our hearts… You are exactly right.

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