Lunch these days

There are a few things I miss about working.

One of the things I miss is Lunchtime.

Lunchtime was a break between the 9 to 5 madness…

It was a breather from work… a time to fill my hungry stomach… and a chance to catch-up with my colleagues on some juicy gossips… ooo!

Most of the time, my lunch was either packed food from the coffee shops, or sandwiches from the bakery.. how nice if Subway was near my workplace.. that would have settled many of my salad cravings.

Occasionally, A, Y and me would go for our great cafe escapades..

  ..this was one of the more extravagant meals we had together… It was at Club Street Social..

Lunch during workdays...

Lunch during workdays…

Breakfast menu was available all day.. my friends share a weakness for breakfast items, so they ordered truffle egg toast, scrambled eggs.. I had watermelon, tomato and ricotta salad.

Yes, I was craving for salads that day.. heh..

Looking back at my lunch choices made me realize… lunch was like a therapy.

It kept me sane… and I’m grateful for my lunch buddies.  🙂


Now that I’m not working, the thought of lunch can be quite daunting… here’s a peek of my thought process..

 What shall I eat? Shall I cook something?

*rummage through the fridge and kitchen cabinets*

hmm… how about an omelette? Nah, I just had that the other day… Instant noodles? Nah, too unhealthy…

*scratches head*

Oh dear, there is nothing to eat!! 😦

Maybe I should head out… Em, perhaps not… it’s too sunny or rainy…

After an hour of pondering, hunger pangs starts kicking in… that’s when I start to make a decision…


About 30% of the time, I would head out for lunch… another 30% of the time, I would have muesli for lunch… and the next 30%, I skip lunch (because I’m too lazy to do anything)… lastly, for the remaining 10%, I would order food delivery…

Yesterday’s lunch was Pasta Mania food delivery! Yummy!

Food delivery for lunch... this is considered extravagant for me nowadays...

Food delivery for lunch… this is considered extravagant for me nowadays…

My humble looking lunch.

Penne Creamy chicken and Salad.

It costs a bomb for a simple meal like this… it’s the reason why I seldom order from food deliveries.

… Nowadays, I eat to survive… simple stuff that fills my tummy would do… no complains…

How I miss worklife lunch therapy.

This post is part of the Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts

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