Giving it a go- Liebster award

Liebster-AwardI thought it was one of those auto-generated messages.

.. when I clicked on Lisa’s Kana Muse’s link and saw her post, I realized I was wrong.

Ops.. Silly me…

It’s nice to know the community at WordPress is friendly and connected.. Knowing this encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and interact.

Normally, I  don’t say “Hi!” to someone I don’t know.. I think I’m more comfortable hiding in my shell..

.. but in this year, I would like to challenge myself to connect with my friends and the community.. maybe I can start with the peeps at WordPress.

Oh dear. What did I just say? Gulp..



So Lisa’s Kana Muse sent me a message to say she has nominated me for the Liebster award…  I was horrified when I saw the word, “Liebster”… (em, I thought it had some vulgar connections)..

Ops.. Wrong again! Silly me! (I was very glad I was wrong! Haahaa..)

What’s the Liebster award?

Liebster means favorite in German… This is an award given to bloggers with lesser than 200 followers.. In other words, it means Favorite Blog Award for new bloggers with a following of lesser than 200 peeps.

How do you participate?

Firstly, answer the questions posted to you by the blogger who nominated you.. Remember to link your post back to him/her… Then, create 10 questions for your nominees to answer… pick 10 nominees with lesser than 200 followers… Finally, let your nominees know by leaving them a message on their blog. Voilà!

Without further ado.. I shall answer my questions…

The questions from Lisa’s Kana Muse:

1) What is your favorite getaway place?

HongKong and Bali… it’s extremely difficult to choose either one!!

They are so different from each other… and I love what both countries have to offer..

Bali was a treat for the soul..

One of Raspberry's favorite holidays

One of Raspberry’s favorite holidays

 In the day, Blueberry and I rekindled our love for mother nature… we spend our time at the idyllic beaches, the peaceful padi fields..

At night, we fed ourselves with soul food… and soul booze. Heh!

.. and for HongKong..

I’ve been there 3 times… and each time… I fall in love with the place even more…

Raspberry and Blueberry's favorite escapes

Raspberry and Blueberry’s favorite escapes

It’s the dim sum culture, desserts, fresh vegetables, tram rides, hole-in-the-wall eateries, architecture that I can’t get enough of…

I’m constantly amazed by how HongKongers live… Oh God, I wanna go there right now..

2) What’s on your mind right now?

I’m eating Indian Rojak now as I’m typing… and I’m loving how yummy it tastes! Hmm!

3)Your favorite weekday, and why?

Friday! Even though I’m not working, I love Fridays!!

It means I get to go out for dinner with Blueberry. 🙂

4) If you got two tickets to the space shuttle, who would you take with you?

I’ll bring my enemy and ditch her there.

I would bring Blueberry.

He’s a Star Trek fan and it would be such an exciting experience for him!

Oh, I heard from Blueberry that Sir Richard Branson has built a spaceship… tickets to outer space cost USD $250 000!!!


5) What is your favorite color and why?

Cherry red! Besides hot pink and black… hee.

Cherry red makes everything look delicious… so delightfully tempting!!

Whenever I see this color on accessories and office supplies, I go crazy… It makes me want to buy them!

6) Do you like mules, why or why not?

Gee.. I’ve never seen one, so I can’t really say…

Oh.. If it comes with a cherry red saddle, I think I might like it! Lol.

7) When will pigs fly?

I didn’t get to see pigs fly, but I got to hear one that flew!

When I was 18 years old, I worked at Four Seasons Hotel as waitress for Banquet & Events.

I wasn’t working at the event when it happened… my colleagues told me the story on how it happened.

To visualise the story better, here’s a rough sketch of how my workplace looks like..

The floorplan for my workplace

The floorplan for my workplace… the grey boxes are doors. :p

On that fateful day, there was a Chinese wedding happening in the Ballroom.

Before serving every course, the wait staff would go to the kitchen to pick up the dishes….

One of the courses was roasted suckling pig….  it’s considered to be one of the heaviest dishes to carry, because the entire pig will be served on fine china.. and the fine china would seated on silverware… oh, how decadent it looked!  It’s Four Seasons, afterall… 🙂

Once the dishes were picked up, they would hurry towards the ballroom to serve the guests.


Area of accident- see the red star

Before entering the ballroom, one has to slow down their walking speed… the door was adjacent to the staff service area… it was a 90 degree sharp turn! refer to red star in the above picture

One of the servers was walking too fast and forgotten to walk alittle slower… as he was entering the ballroom, he did a quick left turn..

The sudden change of direction caused the pig to “fly” off the dish. Weeeeee!!

.. this story of the flying pig became quite a legend… Lol. ;D

After that incident.. Banquet Captains would use this example to remind the staff to be more careful at accident area.

So yea… The pigs flew, when I was 18 years old. 🙂

8) Did London Bridge ever fall down?

I think it almost did, but it didn’t in the end.. the kids are still singing about it, aren’t they? 🙂

9) What was the best thing BEFORE sliced bread?

Pine wood kitty litter!!

Kitty has his litterbox in the bedroom… when he uses the toilet in the middle of the night, there wouldn’t be any funky smell…

There is no odor, because the pine wood rapidly absorbs kitty’s pee/poo.

It has also made cleaning the litter such a breeze.

I would highly recommend this wonderful product. Pukka!

10) How fast do you need to cook for it to be considered “Fast Food”?

Lesser than 15mins.. with this amount of time, you can cook (Korean, Japanese, Indonesian) instant noodles..

..throw in an egg or veggies for an extra boost of flavor..


Tadah! That’s all from me.. 🙂


I found myself desperately searching for nominees…

Well, I didn’t want to nominate for the sake of nominating… and I didn’t want to turn this award into a chain letter process… this is supposed to be a happy event, right? 😦

After much thought, I decided to screw the nomination list.

Yea, probably blew my chances too.

.. if the 6 bloggers I chose earlier knew about this, they would be so relieved.. *winks*

These guys would be the luckiest people nominated for Daily Prompt: Luckiest People. 🙂

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