Who is Raspberry?

This is from a Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

Raspberry decides to take a dose of courage to share… who she is.

She used to be one of the women in the workforce, holding a 9 to 5 job.

Her working hours was stated as 9 to 5, but she found herself working beyond those hours… most of the time, it was 8.30 to 7… sometimes, it was 8.30 to 10… once a while, it was 8.30 to 12mn.

Perhaps it was the job satisfaction that kept her going… or the perfectionist steak within her  which contributed to the long hours. Ops..

Raspberry didn’t mind the long hours… But there was no work-life balance.

She found a new job at company of her dreams! Many were excited and envious of her.

Just as she was hoping things could get better, they got worse..

Her new job wasn’t what she expected it to be… It was a nightmare.

Raspberry mustered her courage and left.


It’s been weeks since she left… and she’s still recovering from the bad experience.

Her last job left her broken… and she’s trying her best to pick up the pieces.

No job at hand… but many bills to pay and loans to clear…

Raspberry find herself often stressed and depressed.

She wishes this phase of her life will be over soon.


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