A Night Out with Blueberry

Last night, Blueberry asked if I wanted to go out for dinner.

I was so excited… it has been awhile since we had something nice to eat!

He made my day when he suggested Korean barbeque buffet for dinner!!


Food glorious food!!!!




I love going out for Korean barbeque buffets…  by paying a flat fee, you get to eat all you want!

Beef brisket.. kimchi.. beef bulgogi.. seafood pancake.. somemore beef.. pork belly.. pork collar.. somemore kimchi.. grilled mushrooms.. and lots more beef! … kimchi.. yums!

Oh wait, that’s only my mains… I didn’t include my appetizers.

Hope it didn’t scare you.. Heh. :p

Korean barbeque buffets are simply the Best! ♥

We ate so much, our tummies almost burst… I had to walk half my usual speed…

But it was totally worth it. 🙂

This post is from the Daily Prompt: The Outsiders


3 thoughts on “A Night Out with Blueberry

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