Hello, Kitty!

My Hubbs, Blueberry and I are happy to introduce a new addition to our new family…


He’s a 3-year-old kitty…. adopted from Cat Welfare Society on the 22nd Dec 2013…

He has the sweetest temperament I’ve ever seen in a cat… (I wonder if this is normal! πŸ™‚)…

Sometimes, he behaves like a dog…. and gets along well with my dog, Buddy.


The initial plan was to adopt him when the house was ready…

But he was in need of a home and it wasn’t a favorable plan to leave him with the Foster for another 10 months.

I would have let the Foster continue taking care of him, if the house was ready within another few months.. but 10 months was too long.

So I did the unthinkable

My parents and sister are not so pleased with our new kitty… we’ve been quarreling since the first day he came….

They feel cats are unhygienic animals and their fur would cause many health problems…

I don’t believe that and don’t hold it against them for being upset. At the same time, I wish I hope they would give our kitty chance by getting to know him.


Parents and sister aside, kitty is settling nicely into his new home…

We had no choice but to keep him in our room… when nobody is at home, I would let him roam around for a breather…

Unlike other kittens we seen, he doesn’t mess up the room or scratch the furniture… he’s kitty litter trained too…

He’s such a sweet boy and has brought much happiness into our lives.

I love you, kitty.


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